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Curve 2 Preset Contest

It took a bit to sight more than 500 submission for Curve 2's preset contest.

And the winner is... "Mystery Horizon" by Konrad! A wonderful atmospheric pad sound that makes clever use of Curve's LFOs and waveform crossfade. Konrad, congratulations for this great masterpiece and for winning a lifetime supply of Cableguys plugins!

Top 2: "Fizzoo" by EdT — a crazy synthline accompanied by some shaker rhythm, spinning Curve's rhythmic LFOs and getting our heads shaking instantly.

Top 3: "Stack 001" by Rics — a massive, to-the-point bass sound. Well, nothing you haven't heard before, but this one is just great. Highly appreciated.

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And here's the winners for rank 4—50, in no particular order:

A7 — Tec LD
Altenderfer — Seq Smiles
Altenderfer — Soundscape Bass - Play n Sample
DavidF — B O C 1
DavidF — Chord of souls
DavidF — One last for the road
DavidF — Unstable House
DavidF — Angels of CPU Death
EdT — Playwaves
EdT — Segseq
EdT — Mysterious
EdT — Buzz Groove
EdT — Millipede
EdT — Sawslide
EdT — Groove Thing (Careful)
Guanokalong — bass whale
Ingo Weidner — Formant Bells 2
Knrrrzzzz — Do not mess up the beat
Knrrrzzzz — My Little Toy Piano
Knrrrzzzz — LoFi Disco
Knrrrzzzz — Bounce Yeah
Konrad — Plastic Response Team
Konrad — Plastic Response Team II
Konrad — Loch NES I
Konrad — Ominous Pad I (120BPM - Play low)
Konrad — Anticipation (Delay me)
Konrad — Heroes of the lost era
Konrad — Cloud portamento
Mikele — Bit by Bit
Nielzie — Starlights
PALU — PAD Sweepy Sweep
Qwertybob — Sequence
Qwertybob — Bass Deepqz
Qwertybob — Ominous Program
Qwertybob — Machine State
Qwertybob — Ultimate Analog Bass
Qwertybob — Phat Analog Bass
Qwertybob — HappyCrushy
R-A-W — WobbleBass-C3-140BPM
RT — Filta Chord
RT — Drop Bass Groove 2
The Unshushable Coktor — Conveyor Belt
The Unshushable Coktor — Old Robot Bass
Thr — Razor DrumLoop
Thr — Yah Mountains
Thr — Elsita Space Form III
Zee — Noir
Zee — FMB2
Zee — Butter Bass
ennoK — Soft Pad
insahn — Dust Clock
kenibu — Shaky And Brassy Wasp
kenibu — Doughy Voice (Bending Up) (Unisono)
kenibu — Remarkable String (Intense) (Unisono)
kenibu — High Voltage 3
kenibu — Tight Kick 3
nofish — Unkle Funk mod
norman freeware — MW waterpad should have delay
rsmus7 — streicher 2 SM
rsmus7 — PAD warm me SM
urbanspaceman — urbanspaceman-minimalanimal
wandering blues — frozen zelda
wandering blues — windy airplane inside
yasodanandana — YNDvrindavan

Congratulations to all of you!


Top 1: All plugins we'll ever do, now and in the future — for our absolute favorite preset
Top 2: Cableguys Bundle
Top 3: Curve 2
Top 4—50: EUR 20/USD 28 discount on a Curve 2 license

For a public discussion on Curve 2 or the preset contest, see Curve's forum thread.

Find out more on Curve and download the latest beta.


- If you win a product that you already own, we'll refund your previous payments.
- Prizes cannot be sold.
- Multiple discounts can be added together.
- Presets done by Cableguys' staff are excluded from the competition.

Curve 2 Reviews
"A superb synth with slick customisable waveforms and a brilliant cloud-based preset library."
January 2013

"Curve 2 is adept at everything from thunderous dubstep bass wobbles to shimmering pads, advanced, complex sequences and eerie effects."
MusicTech Magazine,
November 2012
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