Cableguys Bundle
Includes Curve 2, FilterShaper 3, VolumeShaper 3, MidiShaper


Curve 2

"This powerful wave-sculping synth returns with improved envelopes, double the oscillators and an extraordinary preset library. .. The addition of multistage envelopes makes a huge difference to the sort of sounds Curve 2 can make, and nudges it into the same league as instruments costing much more."
ComputerMusic, January 2013
— You can read most of the review online on MusicRadar

"Sonically, it's a spectacular synth: expansive, rich, full of life and movement, and always interesting. .. The oscillators are supremely versatile, generating anything from novel twists on the conventional analogue waveforms to crazy 'digital' tones and everything in between.. Curve 2 is an extremely powerful, flexible synth with a distinctive sound and a stunning, ever-expanding library of presets."
FutureMusic, January 2013

"Although Curve 2 looks a little clinical, it actually produces some amazing results. It's adept at everything from thunderous dubstep bass wobbles to shimmering pads, advanced, complex sequences and eerie effects."
MusicTech Magazine, November 2012 (Full article online)

"Curve 2 is a programmer's dream. .. Yes, it takes a little getting used to and no, it doesn't feature any internal effects. But don't let either of these things put you off—Curve is well worth it anyway, as it genuinely rewards experimentation."
Resident Advisor, 11/2012 (Full article online)

"Curve 2 überzeugt durch einen modernen, sauberen und transparenten Klang. Warme, satte Analogbässe, elektronische Drums, durchsetzungsfähige Solo-Instrumente sind ebenso möglich wie moderne und temposynchrone Dance-Rhythmen, E-Piano-Varianten, breite Flächen, Effekt-Texturen und Experimentalklänge."
KEYS, 02/2013

"In Version 2 hat sich Curve von einem Geheimtipp für Klangschrauber zu einem mächtigen Allrounder gemausert, der insbesondere bei atmosphärischen Sounds, komplexen Sequenzen und abgedrehten Effekten zu glänzen weiß." — English translation: "With version 2, Curve has evolved from one of the industry's best kept secrets for sound enthusiasts to a powerful prodigy, especially masterful when it comes to atmospheric sounds, complex sequences and crazy FX sounds."
Beat, 12/2012

"Der Synthesizer macht viel Spaß und ist mit ausreichenden Möglichkeiten ausgestattet. .. Der bis zu 16-stimmige Unisono-Modus des Curve lässt sehr satte Klänge zu, die auch sehr schön schweben.", 11/2012 (Full article online)

"Nach wie vor das Killerfeature ist der großzügig bemessene Bereich, in dem Du bis zu zehn Wellenformen zeichnen kannst, um diese Kurven den Oszillatoren, den LFOs oder den Hüllkurven zuzuweisen. .. So können alle denkbaren Klänge entstehen, von gepflegt wobbelnden Bässen für Dubstep et al. über FX-Sounds und sich langsam aufbauende Pads bis hin zu immer neuen Timbres auf der Grundlage sehr komplexer Oszillatorenwellen.", 10/2012 (Full article online)

"Since it rewards the user so highly for putting time and effort into sound design, it's great to see the inclusion of a built-in browser for accessing other users' patches directly from the plugin (synced via an internet connection)."
Attack Magazine, 12/2012 (Full article online)

"It's a monster of a synth dressed up in very sedate clothing. The interface is clean and clear yet hides a vast amount of power and tweakability."
Wusik Sound Magazine, 12/2012 (Full article online)

Curve 1

"The many routing options and extensive waveform editor allow for easy programming of the most complex sequences. ... Curve's sound is perfectly rounded and high fidelity. But you can give the entire plugin a different sound character by switching the mode of Quality. If set to 'Rough', the instrument changes to a gritty variant of itself, reminiscent of the Casio CZ series."
Interface, November 2011

"Curve's main attraction lies in the flexible, comprehensive, yet easy to use waveform editor. From wobbly dubstep basslines to long evolving soundscapes, the extensive control over oscillator and LFO waveforms opens up a world of unique sounds. I personally love the preset sharing and it is great to know that your voice is heard when it comes to feature requests.", February 2011 (Full article)

"You'll find a treasure trove of inspirational features waiting within this plug-in. .. The fact that Cableguys are so open about the instrument's development is promising. .. What looks at first to be yet another subtractive synth is in reality a semi-modular hybrid powerhouse that can knock out typical analogue-esque tones just as easily as it generates thoroughly modern, digital tones full of motion and interest. Flexible custom waveforms. Excellent sound quality. Growing user library."
Read the full article on
Computer Music 163, April 2011

"Curve's a great synth for the somewhat adventurous; what amounts to a semi modular design and a learn as you play approach to waveform generation leads to unique sounds with a lot of depth. Its inadequecies when it comes to monophony let it down somewhat, but in general it's a great addition to the plugin world and a welcome change to the overcrowed analogue modelling market — and its community focused patch system means there're always new sounds to dip into.", May 2011 (Full article)

"Dank der komplex gestaltbaren Wellenformen liegen die Stärken des Curve neben klassischen FM-Klängen klar bei zeitlich variierenden Soundscapes, Wobble-Bässen, rhythmischen Effekt- und Leadsounds sowie Soundsequenzen, wobei er auf diesen Gebieten dank seines guten Grundklangs hervorragende Dienste leistet."
Sound & Recording, March 2011

"Es ist vor allem seine beeindruckende Flexibilität, die Curve zu einem besonderen Klangerzeuger macht, der gerade bei komplexen Sounds und Sequenzen glänzt. Der flexible Wellenformeditor sowie das leistungsfähige Modulationssystem des Plug-ins eröffnen fesselnde Kreativmöglichkeiten."
Beat, March 2011

"An satten Bässen fehlt es dem Curve nicht. Durch FM und schnelle LFO-Modulationen lassen sich auch leicht metallische und geräuschhafte Klänge erstellen. Insgesamt klingt Curve kraftvoll und transparent bis in die höchsten Lagen. ... Curve stellt schon in der Version 1.1 einen klanglich beeindruckenden, flexibel programmierbaren Synthesizer mit hohem Spaßfaktor dar."
KEYS, May 2011

"Im breit gefächerten Sortiment finden sich druckvolle Kicks, Abgedrehtes aus der FX-Abteilung, smarte und FM-typische Pads, saubere sowie noisy Leads und Bässe, Soundscapes, heftige Sequenzen u.a.m. ... Und Curve ist mehr Sein als Schein. Dem zurückhaltenden Erscheinungsbild, dem Fehlen jeglicher Effekte und sonst üblicher Gimmicks (z.B. Arpeggiator), wird mit purem Synth-Sound durch akustisch einwandfreies Basismaterial sowie durch kreative Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten entgegen gehalten."
PlugINdex, May 2011 (Full article)

FilterShaper 3

"FilterShaper 3 is a bonkers frequency-sculpting plugin that can achieve mind-bogglingly intricate modulation while managing to make all of this simple and approachable. We stumbled upon awesome sound after awesome sound playing around with percussion loops, shaping background atmospherics and working up evolving pads."
Computer Music 202, April 2014 (Full article)

"FilterShaper 3 is one of the best sounding and most flexible filter and modulation plug-ins around."
Protootr, January 2014 (Full article)

FilterShaper 2

"With FilterShaper, Cableguys succeeded in building an exciting tool to manipulate sound. Be it soft and tender filter sweeps, vibrant sound variations, wobble basses or tremolo effects, the plugin has enormous creative potential and allows for experimentation thanks to its user-friendly interface. Also, the low price is praiseworthy."
Beat, November 2011

"Loading the waveforms into its four LFOs is FilterShaper's secret weapon. The complex filter movements you can achieve are endless and go way beyond the functionality of a normal filter."
Interface, November 2011

"In fact, it appears every criticism levelled at v1 has been addressed and resolved."
SoundOnSound (Full article)

"FilterShaper's strength lies in bundling the filters, LFOs and envelopes into one intuitive and user-friendly package. It is the perfect tool for anyone who likes to create advanced modulations, whether subtle or wild, without breaking a sweat.", January 2010 (Full article)

FilterShaper 1

FilterShaper has been included in a tutorial on envelope followers. Here is an excerpt: "..., but software processors can give us so much more. A case in point is Cableguys' fabulous FilterShaper, a filter that actually enables you to draw complex modulation shapes."
Computer Music Special 35: Guitar Studio, April 2009

"FilterShaper from German developers Cableguys has some unique tricks up its sleeve. ... the extra care Cableguys have taken with their envelope generator makes it unusually easy to get clean, smooth sweeps going on even at fast LFO speeds. FilterShaper also makes an excellent tremolo unit. ... FilterShaper is a neat effect with plenty to offer, at a bargain price."
SoundOnSound, November 2008 (Full article)

"Schluss mit dem langweiligen und stupiden Filter auf- und zudrehen. Das FilterShaper-Plug-in hebt Parameteränderungen auf ein neues Bedienungs-Level und realisiert auch komplizierteste Filterverläufe im Handumdrehen. Der Brüller allerdings ist der Preis. ... Im Praxistest weiß das Plug-in mit quirliger Lebendigkeit aufzutrumpfen und sein gesamtes Potenzial eindrucksvoll auszuspielen."
Professional audio Magazin, August 2008

"Die Möglichkeiten von FilterShaper gehen über klassische French-House-Sweeps weit hinaus. Mit den Wellenform-Werkzeugen können Sie punktgenau arbeiten und z.B. hervorragend einzelne Events eines Loops betonen, ausblenden, isolieren oder entfernen. ... Dieses unkomplizierte und praktische Tool ist sowas wie das Schweizer Messer bei sample- und loopbasierten Produktionsmethoden. Die Bedienung ist intuitiv und einfach, die Filter klingen super."
Sound & Recording, August 2008

VolumeShaper 3

"Ob Tempo-synchrone Stotter-, Pump- und Gate-Effekte, Verzerrung, Bitcrushing und Ringmodulation oder komplexe Rhythmusmuster: VolumeShaper 3 spielt bei einer Vielzahl von Anwendungen seine Stärken aus." — English translation: "For tempo-synced stutter, ducking or gating, for distortion, bit-crushing and ring modulation or for complex rhythmic patterns: VolumeShaper 3 shows its strength in a multitude of applications."
Beat, 05/2012

"This is a godsend for anyone producing four-to-the-floor music.. the curves you can create are much more flexible and musical than what can be done with a sidechained gate or compressor alone."
MusicTech Magazine, April 2012

"The thing which makes VolumeShaper 3 so special is the amount of control you have over the modulation process. A great plugin which got even better.", March 2012 (Full article)

VolumeShaper 1

"Auch wenn die Optik des Plug-ins den spröden Charme eines wissenschaftlichen Werkzeugs besitzt, verbirgt sich hinter dem VolumeShaper ein wahres Modulationsmonster. ... Insbesondere Produzenten tanzbarer elektronischer Musik ist das flexible Plug-in wärmstens zu empfehlen."
Read the full article in this pdf.
Beat, 02/2009


"With drag-and-drop ease, MidiShaper is ready to do the kind of modulation you wish your host already did. And it'll pop right before your favorite plug-in or hardware track.", February 2013 (Full article)

"For creating more advanced effects, the waveform drawing features in MidiShaper are hard to beat. Much like all other Cableguys plugins I have used MidiShaper is easy to use, intuitive, and extremely flexible.", November 2011 (Full article)

"With MidiShaper you can change the simplest synthesizers to complex instruments."
Interface, November 2011

PanCake 2

"Typically, getting a 'free effect' from a plug-in vendor means some stripped-down tool or a hobby side project. Not here: this is about as intense as panning effects get.", February 2013 (Full article)


"As you'd expect from Cableguys, PanCake is a wacky, customisable, over-the-top stereo panner — it's autopanning taken to loony extremes."
Computer Music Specials, August 2011

"Man merkt, dass bei der Entwicklung von PanCake ein enormes Know-how eingeflossen ist: So überzeugt das Plug-in mit einer durchdachten, intuitiv bedienbaren Oberfläche, einer sehr guten Klangqualität sowie einer beeindruckenden Flexibilität."
Read the full article in this png image.
Beat, 02/2010

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